About At Your Service

At Your Service is the UK’s leading supplier of professional hospitality staff with over 25 years’ experience.

Our portfolio of services includes talent gap analysis, talent evolution through training and cultural alignment, talent acquisition, state-of-the-art talent management platforms and tactical contingency staffing solutions through our network of offices.

We believe that great businesses are underpinned by well-managed and highly motivated teams. It is for this reason that we’ve cultivated a real sense of community amongst our team, the AYS Family, and offer fun, flexible and well-rewarded experiences. By putting people first, we deliver notable results for our clients through increased sales and profitability as well as higher levels of client retention.

At Your Service is not an agency in the traditional sense. Working on national and international projects for the most exclusive event organisers and caterers in the industry, our approach is to explore and deliver the best talent solutions that maximize our clients’ potential.

Meet The Team

Our team is composed of a very talented group of individuals who are seriously passionate about what we do.  Every day we strive to excel and be our very best.

The Management

Charles Smith

Managing Director

Simon Weston


Lucy Crowther

Operations Director

Kee Wong

Regional Director

Emma Capitelli

Finance Manager

Charlotte Hodgson

Associate Director

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